About us

GLC Founder

GLC was established in 2005 by Professor Tariq Aldowaisan as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). His visionary leadership saw the founding of GLC and his commitment to excellence has allowed the company to become one of the premier providers of quality consulting and training services in the region. He is dedicated to helping clients reach their goals and objectives efficiently and effectively and this ethos is reflected throughout GLC.

Dr Tariq


GLC’s vision is to be a major contributor to the development of the Gulf region and to extend its reach globally.

Through its extensive portfolio of quality consulting and training services, GLC strives to helping its clients achieve lasting success in today’s ever-changing business landscape.


GLC’s mission is to provide world-class consulting and training in the industrial and managerial fields.

By utilizing the expertise of its consultants as well as leading technologies, GLC seeks to help clients achieve success in all areas of their businesses.


As a quality-focused organization, GLC is committed to providing exceptional services to its clients.

The company is dedicated to high standards of excellence and continuous improvement, ensuring that all its products and services meet and exceed client expectations.

GLC is committed to delivering its services on time and in line with the latest industry best practices, making it a reliable partner for all its clients.