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GLC uses the EFQM and Baldrige excellence frameworks to help organizations achieve performance excellence.

The EFQM Excellence Model is a structured framework that focuses on nine criteria, including leadership, people, partnerships, and resources.

The Baldrige Excellence Framework is a system of criteria that helps organizations assess their performance in several areas, including leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, and operations.

GLC uses these frameworks to help organizations identify areas of improvement, develop strategies to address them, and measure and report results.

Gap Analysis & Action Planning:

Gap Analysis & Action Planning is a powerful tool for identifying gaps in organizational structure and performance and developing a plan to address them. The process involves analyzing the current state of
the organization according to the Baldrige Framework, identifying areas where gaps exist, and developing an action plan to close those gaps. With GLC service Gap Analysis & Action Planning, organizations can gain valuable insights into their organization, identify areas for improvement, and take action to improve the the organization performance.


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