Global Lead Consultants (GLC) is proud to announce that Dr. Tariq Aldowaisan, Founder and General Manager of GLC has recently achieved the NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management. This internationally recognized qualification demonstrates Dr. Tariq’s commitment to providing GLC clients with the highest level of expertise in managing process safety risks.

The NEBOSH HSE Certificate equips Dr. Tariq with a comprehensive understanding of best practices for process safety management.

This knowledge will be instrumental in helping GLC clients:
• Identify and assess potential hazards within their operations.
• Implement effective control measures to mitigate risks.
• Develop and maintain robust safety management systems.
• Ensure safe start-up and shutdown procedures for process plants.

This achievement underscores GLC’s dedication to workplace safety and its commitment to continuous improvement. By investing in the expertise of its leadership team, GLC is well-positioned to deliver even greater value to its clients in the process safety arena.

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